TECHMEN is a customer oriented organization that ensures total satisfaction by exceeding requirements and expectations.

Commitment to innovation and product enrichment parallels our promise to our customers. Combine that with flexibility, quality and competitive prices, it is no surprise that we have a very trustworthy customer base.

Our state of the art technology and advanced computing skills play integral role in our work thus providing high standard of dimensional precision to our products.

Based on good production and selling discipline, the company complies with the idea of coexistence, mutual prosperity and sharing to cooperate with customers and deal with the market competition.

MISSION Statement

In our company, we are proud of our machinists who are experienced and high-skilled in machinery and electric control systems. They have excellent know-how in assembling and system operations. In the process of manufacturing, we have a standard quality procedure. We request our machinists to do their best on their works.

Our complete design-through manufacturing process offers customers single source responsibility in every phase of design, part production, inspection and molding. We take pride in providing the highest level of service to every customer. From the initial quote to final delivery, all key persons are available to assure quality and customer satisfaction.

THE Facilities

We offer a wide range of production flexibility to produce precision engineering plastic components. Our Injection molding capacity range from 40 tons to 845 tons on which we are currently producing Hot chamber die casting shot weight up to 1kg

Exterior Components

Cover Engine Under

Fender Linings

Wheel Cap hubs



License Plate Lamps

Wind Shield Washer Nozzles

Handle Out Doors

Side Mirrors

Interior Components

Interior Trims

Steering Cover Columns

Resistor Blowers

Assist Grips

Inner Door Bazzles

Room Lamps

Gear Shift Knobs

Cigarette Lighters

Heater Control Assemblies